The Horizons Region makes up 8% of New Zealand's total land area and is shaped by three major river catchments: the Whanganui, the Rangitikei and the Manawatū. Sheep and beef farming is the predominant land use, we have the largest area of hill country under the management of a single regional council in New Zealand and hydroelectricity is our biggest water user. We also have some fantastic recreational resources. Totara Reserve is a great example of the ancient forest that once covered much of our Region and the freshwater spots we monitor are popular with swimmers young and old over the summer months.

As your regional council, we endeavour to strike the right balance between making our natural resources available today while providing for the needs of our environment and the future. Managing our natural resources to create a healthy and economically vibrant Region will never be a one-agency job. It requires the input and cooperation of many. As a result you'll see a number of collaborative projects underway alongside traditional regulatory approaches in this area of our work.