Rivers Heights & Rainfall

Horizons provide useful information on ground water, soil moisture, turbidity and water temperature. During heavy rain or a flood event, you can use this up-to-the-minute information from throughout our Region to make decisions.

We have developed models that will predict river level from rainfall within the catchments. These forecasts use data based on upstream flow, upstream rainfall and rainfall forecasts. The most accurate forecasts are based on upstream flow and they become increasingly less accurate the more they rely on upstream rainfall and then forecast rainfall. Flood forecasting for the Manawatū River and its major tributaries downstream of the Manawatū Gorge, as well as the Whanganui River, are currently available on our website.

Forecasts for the Manawatū River and its major tributaries as well as for the Whanganui, Whangaehu, Turakina and Rangitīkei Rivers are now available.

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