Working at Horizons

At Horizons we aim to be an organisation recognised for our expertise, innovation and leadership in making our region a healthy environment where people are thriving. We know that we need a great team to achieve this vision.

Of course, our organisational personality is important to us also. We provide an environment that supports personal growth, learning and development, great leadership, and internal progression. We also foster employee wellbeing, celebrate our successes and encourage lifestyles that underpin our vision.

We're an equal opportunity employer and are committed to ensuring we have a diverse and inclusive workplace that reflects the diversity of our region.

Our Culture

We're committed to encouraging a supportive, positive and inclusive culture where communication, ideas, collaboration and skills are valued. Our culture is reflected in our ‘Big 5’ behaviours, which help to shape us as an organisation:

  • Relationship management – 'The power of having conversations';
  • Working as one - 'Managing our differences and building trust. Every face is a Horizons face';
  • Facilitating positive outcomes - 'Solutions and valued outcomes ahead of process';
  • Capability and capacity - 'Aligning our people to the future'; and
  • Creating an agile organisation - 'Insight and foresight for future relevance’

The Benefits of Working for Us

We take a holistic approach to employee wellbeing, acknowledging that job satisfaction is also about enabling a balance between work and life. We do this through:

  • Strong focus on employee health, wellness and wellbeing;
  • Flexible work-life-balance opportunities;
  • Family friendly work environment;
  • Assistance with tertiary education;
  • Positive health and safety culture;
  • Capability development programmes that enable advancement into leadership roles, along with skill development across different functional jobs; and
  • A supportive and social work environment where enduring friendships and collegiality develop.

Our Hiring Process

Our attraction strategy often involves advertising our vacancies through other forums, such as recruitment websites, social media, recruitment agencies, local and national newspapers, as well as here on our website.

Following the closing date for an application process, our recruitment leaders consider all applications and short list applicants. All unsuccessful applicants are notified at this stage by email.

Shortlisted applicants are then invited to participate in a selection process. This process may include a meeting with the recruitment manager, a panel interview or presentation, and a work, behavioural and psychometric evaluation.

The recruitment manager then contacts the preferred candidate to let them know they will be making referee checks. Finally, the recruitment manager notifies the successful candidate of their successful application and advises unsuccessful shortlisted applicants by phone.