Connect | Horizons Regional Transport 

Horizons Regional Council is proud to introduce their new passenger transport brand, Connect. Over the next few years passenger transport in this region will see significant changes and improvements, that starts by creating a clear brand for our communities to connect with and ensuring key information is simple and accessible. 

The brand will roll out slowly, starting in Whanganui, followed by timetables across Palmerston North and then across the rest of our services. You can expect to see transport updates on our social media in the new connect brand. 

At Horizons, we help you get from A to B through the provision of public passenger transport services and a coordinated approach to regional transport planning. In doing so we chair the Regional Transport and Regional Passenger Transport Committees, develop and implement the region's Public Transport Plan, subsidise passenger services in areas where they cannot be provided commercially, coordinate a community road safety programme and manage the Total Mobility service that provides discounted transport for people with disabilities.

Considering our geographical size and low population density, our region is relatively well served by public transport and our buses carry a higher ratio of passengers per head of population than some other similar regions. Our long-term vision is to provide a land transport system that is environmentally sound, safe, efficient, sustainable and accessible. Accessibility of public transport includes being financially affordable, so we subsidise public transport for the elderly, students and beneficiaries.

Real-time tracking

Most Horizons Regional bus services now have real-time tracking. This means you can find out how far away the bus is from your stop. Click here to try it out today. 

Half price fares

Half price fares from 1 April 2022 to 30 June 2023. Passenger transport users don't need to do anything for half price fares to apply. 

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Connect is now providing the Transit app for residents within the Horizons Region. The Transit app makes it easier to plan your journey, track where your bus is, and even use GO, the additional feature that helps you along your journey.
Download the Transit app free from the App Store or Google Play for your phone
Click here more information on how to use the Transit app.