Half price fares from 1 April 2022 to 31 January 2023. 
Passenger transport users don't need to do anything for half price fares to apply. 

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From Monday 7 March all Bee Card users must enter from the rear of the bus where possible. 

All bus services will continue to run to normal schedules. While passengers are not expected to physically distance themselves they must be seated. 

Those who can tag on and tag off with their Bee card should do so. In the traffic light system cash will be accepted for fares and top ups. People are able to register and top up their Bee Cards online at 
The Government requires the use of face coverings on all public transport. These can be disposable masks, reusable ones, or even something you made at home. There are some exemptions – see the Unite Against COVID-19 website for more details, please be aware some of our drivers have these exemptions and will therefore be driving without a mask. 
As a reminder, if you are unwell and need to travel, you must use private transport.

At Horizons, we help you get from A to B through the provision of public passenger transport services and a coordinated approach to regional transport planning. In doing so we chair the Regional Transport and Regional Passenger Transport Committees, develop and implement the region's Public Transport Plan, subsidise passenger services in areas where they cannot be provided commercially, coordinate a community road safety programme and manage the Total Mobility service that provides discounted transport for people with disabilities.

Considering our geographical size and low population density, our region is relatively well served by public transport and our buses carry a higher ratio of passengers per head of population than some other similar regions. Our long-term vision is to provide a land transport system that is environmentally sound, safe, efficient, sustainable and accessible. Accessibility of public transport includes being financially affordable, so we subsidise public transport for the elderly, students and beneficiaries.