Shared Services

There are a number of areas at Horizons, and other councils, where efficiencies can be made by joining forces. The Manawatū-Whanganui Local Authority Shared Services (MW LASS) was created in 2008 to do just that and is made up of seven of the councils in our region. The main idea of MW LASS is working together to find ways to provide services at a cheaper cost or in a more productive way.

The services MW LASS provide include:

  • Procurement
  • Information services
  • Valuation services
  • Waste management
  • Insurances
  • Document and archive storage
  • Aerial photography

Archives Central

Archives Central is a MW LASS project and based in Feilding. It is an online archives system that stores council documents and makes digital copies available for the public. The website is split into different baskets with each basket being allocated to a specific council. Archives are stored in the order they were received and can be found by who made or used them.

The archives can include:
  • Minute books and other meeting documents
  • Permit and license records
  • Electoral rolls
  • Photographs
  • Account records
  • Employee records
  • Bylaws
  • Town planning records
  • Maps and plans
  • Rate books and valuation rolls
  • Corresponding files