Long-term Plan

Horizons produces a new operational plan, known as a Long-term Plan (LTP), every three years. The LTP sets out the Council's strategy, programmes and budgets in detail for the coming three years, and in broad outline for a further seven years (10 years in total).

Council adopted the 2021-31 Long-term Plan in June of 2021.

Each financial year Council reviews the details of the LTP and adjusts them where needed. This is done via the Annual Plan process and can involve public consultation if the proposed adjustments are significant. The Annual Plan details what Council agreed to for the relevant year in the LTP and outlines any changes.

Horizons Regional Councillors adopted their 2022-23 Annual Plan on 24 May 2022. Council chose not to consult on the Plan as there is no significant deviation from the activities outlined in Year 2 of the 2021-31 LTP.

Long-term Plan 2021-31 (11MB PDF)


2021-31 LTP Consultation Document (6MB PDF)


Annual Plan 2022-23 (11MB PDF)