Notified in 2007, the One Plan is the “one stop shop” resource management planning document for the Horizons Region. It combines the Regional Policy Statement, Regional Plan and Coastal Plan.  The One Plan defines how the natural and physical resources of the Region, including fresh water, air, productive land and natural ecosystems, will be cared for and managed by the Regional Council in partnership with Territorial Authorities and the community. 

Part I is the Regional Policy Statement. It sets out regionally significant resource management issues, and outlines objectives, policies and methods that will address them.

Part II is the Regional Plan, which includes the rules for natural and physical resource use in the Region.  

You can also access documents incorporated by referenceStatutory Acknowledgements iwi management plans, and documents that shaped the One Plan.

Plan Changes

Plan Change 1 (2016)

Minor amendments were made to the One Plan through Plan Change 1, with effect from 28 April 2016. You can see what changes were made and the reasons for them in the report to the Strategy and Policy Committee meeting of 12 April 2016 and its annex. To look at this version of the plan, click here.

Plan Amendment 1 (2018)

The Manawatū-Whanganui Regional Council resolved on 28 August 2018 to make a minor amendment to the One Plan – the consolidated Regional Policy Statement, Regional Plan and Regional Coastal Plan. This amendment (Plan Amendment 1 − 2018) has been made to comply with the National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry.  Chapter 13 (Rule 13-3) and the Glossary (definition of 'forestry') are amended by Plan Amendment 1.

The One Plan, amended by Plan Amendment 1 − 2018, is available on Horizons’ website, and can be viewed during normal opening hours at the Regional Council’s offices.

The changes took effect on 24 September 2018. Please contact Horizons ( or 0508 800 800) to request replacement hard copy chapters, or the One Plan in pdf format on a USB flash drive, free of charge.

Proposed Plan Change 2 – Existing Intensive Farming Land Uses

Proposed Plan Change 2 is focused on the One Plan's provisions that manage nutrient loss from existing intensive farming land uses (dairy farming, commercial vegetable growing, cropping, and intensive sheep and beef) in target water management sub-zones. To find out more about the plan change click here.

The focus of Proposed Plan Change 2 is to clarify and amend the nutrient management framework so it effectively works towards achieving the strategies for surface water quality set out in the One Plan. It will: update the cumulative nitrogen leaching maximums in Table 14.2 to reflect improvements in the nutrient modelling software tool Overseer; reinforce good management practices as part of intensive farming land use activities; and provide a workable pathway for landowners to apply for resource consent for intensive farming land use activities that cannot achieve Table 14.2 cumulative leaching maximums.

Find out more about completed and planned reviews, amendments and changes of the One Plan.

Read the latest information relating to the Overseer tool.

Last updated 13 August 2021

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