Climate Change

Climate change is one of the biggest environmental challenges we face. While we are uncertain about the pace and scale of change, we do know that our region is already being affected by increasing temperatures, changes to rainfall patterns, river flows, increased drought, and ongoing sea-level rise. A changing climate will also affect our economy, and way of life.
Concern about climate change is growing. Protest movements, public submissions, discussions with community groups and our iwi partners all show us that local people want to see action. We need to prepare for a future that is different from today – and we must do so with urgency.
Everybody has a role to play in responding to climate change – central government, local councils, tangata whenua, community groups, businesses, and individuals. At Horizons, we see our role as facilitating and directly contributing to an effective, constructive response to climate change in our region. A key part of this is being members of the Joint Climate Action Committee and endorising the Joint Action Plan that sets direction for the region.