Manawatū River Navigation and Safety Bylaw

Anybody who uses the Manawatū River and its tributaries for enjoyment, recreation and business should do so safely and with knowledge of the rules.

The Manawatū River and Tributaries Navigation and Safety Bylaw (2010) reflects Maritime Rule Part 91, as well as local rules. The following is a summary of important points in the Bylaw for your reference.

Speed not to exceed five knots:

  • At any time within 50m of other vessels or people in the water;

  • At any time 200m either side of the Manawatū Marine Boating Club launching ramp at Foxton Beach;

  • At any time in the Foxton Loop between Speir's Corner and the corner adjacent to the Water Tower;

  • During the period one week prior to and one week after duck shooting season opening day (first Saturday in May) except when transiting to/from the open sea;

  • From Jackeytown Road to the point 350m upstream of SH3 Bridge at Ashhurst during the period 1 October - 31 March each year (jet skis not to exceed five knots at any time in this area).

Te Matai Road navigation hazard

Due to previous flood events a navigation hazard in the form of railway irons has been exposed on the Manawatū River. The hazard is located in the Te Matai Road area on the left hand bank when looking downstream. It is marked with buoys, however, on-water users are advised to take caution in this area until the hazard can be removed.

Water and jet ski priority

  1. On the Manawatū River between 2km upstream of the Whirokino Bridge and the Whirokino boat launching ramp;

  2. On the Manawatū River upstream of the Whirokino Bridge, from the Te Pehu Trig Station to another point 1.6km upstream where Cooks Drain enters;

  3. On the Manawatū River below the Foxton-Shannon Bridge, between points 1km and 4km downstream of that bridge; and

  4. On the Manawatū River from a point 200m upstream of the Manawatū Marine Boating Club launching ramp to the downstream end of the Foxton Loop. 

Remember: Life jackets are to be worn, and the minimum age is 15 for skippers of boats capable of more than 10 knots.

The Harbourmaster and appointed Enforcement Officers have powers under the Bylaw to keep the Manawatū River and its tributaries safe for navigation and recreation.