Horizons council declared, public welcomed

Horizons Regional Council officially welcomes two new and ten returning councillors to the table following the final declaration of results for local body elections today.

“This term we welcome Wiremu Kingi Te Awe Awe for Palmerston North and Nicola Patrick for Wanganui,” says Horizons group manager of corporate services and electoral officer Craig Grant.

“They will join the returning councillors at the inaugural council meeting on Thursday 20 October which I encourage the public to attend.”

Mr Grant would also like to invite members of the public to visit the Horizons Expo at Te Manawa on Friday 21 October.

“The free ‘expo’ styled event is for our councillors and the public to get an idea of what our teams are currently working on and how rates are contributing to the future of the Region.

“From 10am staff will be available to talk to people about their areas of work and answer any questions they have about Horizons’ business,” he says.

“There will be a range of interactive activities and from 12 until 1pm there will also be a lunchtime seminar on native fish, weeds to watch out for, bush remnants and transport planning for Palmerston North.”

Mr Grant says the day also provides an excellent opportunity for people to get an understanding of the different role Horizons has compared to city and district councils.

“Our responsibilities include river management and monitoring, flood protection, regulatory consents for land use, transport services, pest plant and predator control, and coordinating the Region’s response to natural disasters,” says Mr Grant.

Councillors from other territorial authorities in the Region will also be visiting Te Manawa to get an in-depth understanding of Horizons’ work and how their council relates. 

The inaugural council meeting is held at Regional House on Victoria Ave in Palmerston North at 10am on Thursday 20 October.

The final declaration of results are as follows:


(trading as Horizons Regional Council)
I hereby declare the result of the election on 8 October 2016 for the following constituencies:
CANDIDATES                                                                        NO. OF VOTES
Lindsay BURNELL                                                                             5,691
Colleen SHELDON                                                                             5,280
Geoffrey KANE                                                                                    4,469
Sam FERGUSON                                                                                4,453
Christine MORIARTY                                                                           2,914
Informal Votes                                                                                           55
Blank Votes                                                                                          1,110
I declare the said Lindsay Burnell and Colleen Sheldon to be elected to the Horowhenua-Kairanga Constituency
There was no election for this constituency as Bruce Gordon and Gordon McKellar were elected unopposed.
Rachel KEEDWELL                                                                          11,178
Pat KELLY                                                                                         10,811
Paul RIEGER                                                                                     10,574
Wiremu KINGI TE AWE AWE                                                          10,125
Amey BELL-BOOTH                                                                            9,222
Ralph PUGMIRE                                                                                  6,858
Informal Votes                                                                                         296
Blank Votes                                                                                          1,644
I declare the said Rachel Keedwell, Pat Kelly, Paul Rieger and Wiremu Kingi Te Awe Awe to be elected to the Palmerston North Constituency.
Bruce ROLLINSON                                                                             2,143
John CHAPMAN                                                                                     932
Informal Votes                                                                                             3
Blank Votes                                                                                             480
I declare the said Bruce Rollinson to be elected to the Ruapehu Constituency.
John BARROW                                                                                   3,119
Andrew DAY                                                                                        1,612
Lorraine STEPHENSON                                                                      1,339
Informal Votes                                                                                           11
Blank Votes                                                                                             396
I declare the said John Barrow to be elected to the Tararua Constituency.
David COTTON                                                                                   8,833
Nicola PATRICK                                                                                 7,661
Jeremy AUSTIN                                                                                   6,807
Allan WRIGGLESWORTH                                                                   4,863
Informal Votes                                                                                           44
Blank Votes                                                                                          1,812
I declare the said David Cotton and Nicola Patrick to be elected to the Wanganui Constituency.
Dated at Palmerston North this 14th day of October 2016.
Craig Grant
Electoral Officer
Horizons Regional Council
Palmerston North