Horizons seeks community representatives for Te Awa Tupua strategy group

Under the Te Awa Tupua Treaty settlement for the Whanganui River a whole of river strategy group, to be called Te Kōpuka, will be formally established in the coming months.

Several parties will have responsibility for appointing members to Te Kōpuka nā Te Awa Tupua. Those parties will be running their processes in advance of Te Kōpuka being established and its members formally appointed.
Horizons Regional Council will have a role in appointing four of the 17 strategy group members, specifically to represent the following areas:

  • One member to represent environmental and conservation interests,
  • One member to represent tourism interest,
  • One member to represent recreational interests, and
  • One member to represent the primary sector. 
Horizons is beginning a process to find out who might want to represent these areas of interest, noting that Te Kōpuka won’t be formally established until all parties involved have completed their processes to identify and then appoint members.

If you are interested in further information please see http://www.horizons.govt.nz/about-our-region-and-council/iwi-hapu/treaty-settlements or contact Horizons policy analyst Jerald Twomey at jerald.twomey@horizons.govt.nz for more information before 24 November 2017.