Students to explore our forgotten fauna

Native reptiles will be one of the main attractions for approximately 70 Year 5 to 8 students who will be attending Horizons Regional Council’s Enviroschools Forgotten Fauna Hui at Horseshoe Bend Reserve on Thursday 8 April.


Student enviro-leaders from nine Enviroschools in Palmerston North, Horowhenua and Tararua will have the opportunity to learn about some of our forgotten fauna, native geckos, bats and fish, and how to take action to preserve these animal groups.

Horizons’ environmental educator Sarah Williams says this student hui for Enviroschools in Manawatū and Rangitīkei was first run late last year.

“I received such positive feedback from both schools and presenters that we’ve decided to run it again at a new location for some of our other Enviroschools.”

“By interacting with nature students develop more empathy and understanding of our delicate ecosystems. This hui is a chance to expand their knowledge and ignite their enthusiasm. I’m looking forward to this event being a great success,” says Mrs Williams.

“Events like this are really important in supporting our young people to grow their leadership skills. The students who will be attending are enviro-leaders and our next generation responsible for looking after our environment. They can’t look after something they don’t know about.

“Some of the schools who attended this hui last year have been inspired to learn more about some of the animal groups. Pukeokahu School in the northern Rangitīkei have been doing further research and talking to their local community to ask them if they have seen bats in the local area. A community bat walk towards the end of the school year has been planned in one of the private bush blocks in the area.”

“Attendees of this Forgotten Fauna Hui will learn from experts from Horizons, Wildbase Recovery and Wildlife Foxton Trust officers.”

“Being able to organise a day to empower and bring these enviro-leaders together, then to support them in sharing and implementing what they learn is all part of the Enviroschools kaupapa,” says Ms Williams.