One Plan as Made Operative (December 2014)

The following documents are the version of the One Plan as it was made operative in December 2014. Parts of the One Plan have since been amended; the current version is available here.

Combined One Plan document (25 MB)
One Plan cover and seal page
One Plan contents page

Chapter 1 - Setting the scene
Chapter 2 - Te Ao Māori
Chapter 3 - Infrastructure, energy, waste, hazardous substances and contaminated land
Chapter 4 - Land
Chapter 5 - Water
Chapter 6 - Indigenous biological diversity, landscape and historic heritage
Chapter 7 - Air
Chapter 8 - Coast
Chapter 9 - Natural hazards
Chapter 10 - Administration

Chapter 11 - Introduction to Regional Plan
Chapter 12 - General objectives and policies
Chapter 13 - Land use activities and indigenous biological diversity
Chapter 14 - Discharges to land and water
Chapter 15 - Discharges to air
Chapter 16 - Takes, uses and diversions of water, and bores
Chapter 17 - Activities in artificial watercourses, beds of rivers and lakes, and damming
Chapter 18 - Activities in the coastal marine area
Chapter 19 - Financial contributions

Schedule A - Surface water management zones and sub-zones
Schedule B - Surface water management values
Schedule C - Surface water quantity
Schedule D - Groundwater quantity
Schedule E - Surface water quality targets
Schedule F - Indigenous biological diversity
Schedule G - Regionally outstanding natural features and landscapes
Schedule H - Airsheds
Schedule I - Coastal marine area activities and water management
Schedule J - Floodways and areas prone to flooding