One Plan Implementation Monitoring

​Section 35 of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) requires regional councils to monitor the state of the environment of the region and the efficiency and effectiveness of policy statements and regional plans.

A Section 35 evaluation provides a check on whether the objectives and the stated methods and targets have been implemented and achieved.  It also provides an opportunity to examine the reasons why objectives and methods may not have been able to be implemented or achieved.  

The following evaluations have been undertaken since the One Plan became operative in December 2014:

Monitoring Dashboards

The monitoring dashboards were progress snapshots on key aspects of the One Plan implementation. The dashboards were produced every four months between February 2016 and April 2018. They were one aspect of the wider monitoring and evaluation programme continuously carried out by the Council.

The measures used in the dashboards are quantitative. Some measures were reported in every dashboard, for example, nutrient management. For others, less frequent reporting was used because the best information was only available annually (for example water allocation annual trends); or because the measure saw little change (for example One Plan methods of implementation). This allowed reporting in the course of a year to show progress across the full breadth of the One Plan.

Dashboards were presented to Environment Committee meetings in the same month and year as the date of the dashboard. The agenda reports may contain some additional information.

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