Documents Incorporated by Reference into the One Plan

'Documents incorporated by reference' are publications which have been referred to in Part II of the One Plan, and that have standards or rules that have to be complied with (that is, they have ‘legal effect’).

The following is a full list of documents incorporated by reference. Note that when a document has a specific publication date, only that version has legal effect; more recent versions or amendments do not replace it.

Most of the documents incorporated by reference are available for viewing online through the links below. Full sets of the documents incorporated by reference are also available for viewing at:
  • Horizons Regional Council,   11-15 Victoria Avenue, Palmerston North
  • Horizons Regional Council, 181 Guyton Street, Whanganui

You can also arrange to view the documents at any Horizons depot or office around the Region by calling 0508 800 800.

Council publications

Horizons Regional Council
Greater Wellington Regional Council

Government Publications

Department of Conservation
Maritime New Zealand
Ministry for the Environment


The following documents are published by Standards New Zealand and cannot be viewed online for copyright reasons. Please contact Horizons to arrange to see a copy of these standards.
  • NZS 4411:2001 Environmental Standard for Drilling of Soil and Rock - This document is incorporated by RP-LF-TUD-P16, RP-LF-TUD-R42 and RP-LF-TUD-R52
  • NZS 8409:2004 Management of Agrichemicals - This document is incorporated by RP-AIR-R1, RP-AIR-R2, RCP-CMA-DISCH-R22 and RCP-CMA-DISCH-R24

Other documents