River Management Campaign 2024

As the regional council, we're responsible for managing rivers throughout the region to help prevent flooding and erosion. We do this through a range of different methods, including the installation and maintenance of various flood protection assets located throughout the region.

If you've ever wondered how the Moutoa Floodgates work, how many dams we have throughout the Horizons Region, or maybe when and how we utilise these infrastructure in an emergency event, then you're in luck. Our River Management Campaign 2024 aims to answer those questions and more, spotlighting a few of our flood protection assets throughout the region through a series of fun and easy-to-understand videos.

We have a one-of-a-kind Moutoa Floodgates behind-the-scenes experience for four people up for grabs, to whoever is fast enough to answer our challenge questions correctly first - these can be found on each video post on our Facebook and Instagram pages, or below on this page as the videos are released. If you are first to respond correctly to all questions, you will be in the draw to win.

Check out the videos below or on our Vimeo page as they are released. Enter by emailing your answers to communications@horizons.govt.nz or via any of our social channels (Facebook or Instagram).

Entries to this competition close Monday 4 March 2024.

Video #1 - Dams

Dams are interesting and often under-appreciated flood protection assets. When you think of a dam, you might imagine some gigantic structure like the famous Hoover Dam in the U.S., but our dams in the Horizons Region are much smaller and more often used to manage flood risk.

CHALLENGE: Fill in the blanks - “Horizons owns and manages ___ dam structures in Hunterville, which can collectively hold back around ___m3 (cubic metres) of water!

Learn more about dams in our region by watching the video above, then have a go at today’s challenge question.

Video #2 - Makino Floodgates

The Makino Floodgates are located just outside Feilding on the Makino stream, and help keep rising floodwaters from overtopping the stream which runs through the middle of Feilding township. Did you know that the Makino gates are remote controlled?

CHALLENGE: When the Makino Floodgates are operated, do we open or close them?

Learn more about the Makino Floodgates by watching the video above, then have a go at today’s challenge question.

Video #3 - Stopbanks

Stopbanks may not seem very interesting - but they are vital for protecting our communities against flooding. Check out the video below to find out how stopbanks work and why they are such an important tool in our region’s flood protection arsenal.

CHALLENGE: Approximately how many kilometres of stopbanks does Horizons manage throughout the region?

Learn more about the Makino Floodgates by watching the video above, then have a go at today’s challenge question.

Video #4 - Moutoa Floodgates

As our biggest and most high-tech piece of river management infrastructure in the region, the Moutoa Floodgates, located between Foxton and Shannon townships, provide communities along the lower reaches of the Manawatū River catchment vital protection from flooding.

We post updates whenever the gates are operated, so keep an eye on our Facebook page or click the 'News' tab at the top of your screen.

CHALLENGE: Fill in the blanks - “Gate operation is required once the river level reaches over ___m in Palmerston North, and is forecasted to reach over ___m at the Moutoa Floodgates themselves.”

Learn more about the gates by watching the video and then have a go at today’s challenge question.

Full terms and conditions: 
The 'river management challenge' competition run between 8am Monday 12 February and 4pm, Monday 4 March 2024. The first person to answer all four challenge questions correctly will be deemed the winner. Entries may be received via social media under the comments of each video post, or by emailing communications@horizons.govt.nz. One winner will be contacted on Friday 8 March, 2024. By entering this competition you are allowing Horizons Regional Council to use your name, image and answer for future publicity and promotional purposes. The winner will receive a tour of the Moutoa Floodgates for them and three others, at a later date that suits the winners and our staff involved. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash and has no monetary value. The winner will be contacted via the method of entry. If the prize is not acknowledged by the winner within seven days of contact it will be redrawn.