Students get stuck in with Horizons for water quality

Dannevirke High School students joined Horizons Regional Council this week to establish a wetland area around a waterway on Readlands Farm.

Farm managers Thomas and Jennifer Read were a recipient of a Horizons freshwater grant which covered 50 per cent of the fencing and planting costs plus advice around what to plant where.
Horizons freshwater advisor Margot Richardson says 2,000 native plants went in the ground to create a riparian margin along one kilometre of the waterway.
“We’ve been working with the Reads for a couple of years to fence off all waterways on their farm to exclude stock,” she says.
“As they completed the fencing the Reads had the foresight to think long-term about their goals for protecting their waterways and set the fences far enough back to allow for riparian planting. In this case the plants will help filter soil run-off into the wetland that is a tributary to the Manawatū River.
“The plants chosen for this site are a mix of nursey species that will kick start the native regeneration of the area by providing shade and space for further growth. They were also eco-sourced from the Tararua to give them the best chance of survival.”
The Reads had been completing small planting projects on their own accord for a few years and were pleased to discover that Horizons could provide funding and advice for a bigger project.
“It’s been really easy working with Horizons and having access to their knowledge and advice,” says Jennifer Read.
“We’re also really grateful to have the help of the local high school students to get this wetland area planted out and hope it gives them the chance to put some of their lessons into practice.”
Mrs Richardson says today’s planting is the first phase for the Reads, who have already signalled that they’d like to plant other areas of the farm as well.
“For anyone else who has a fencing or planting project in mind and would like to learn more about Horizons’ freshwater grants, please get in touch with our team by ringing 0508 800 800. It’s best to do this sooner rather than later as well so you don’t miss out.”
For more information about the planting work Horizons does across the region follow their #plantinourregion campaign on social media or see here.