Thriving Economy

Our work towards this community outcome aims to enhance our communities' economic well-being. The five components of this are:


  • strategic management
  • land transport
  • land drainage
  • biosecurity
  • land management

What we're doing in 2022-23

This year we'll continue to work with our Te Pūwaha partners on the Whanganui Port revitalisation project, which will secure the port as a long-term community economic and recreational asset. Horizons' involvement includes upgrades to the North Mole and repairs to the South Mole. These works will help enable an operational port and provide flood protection. 

A business as usual approach will be taken for the other components within this outcome to promote economic well-being. For land transport, we'll be looking to capitalise on our geographical location to provide
opportunities through Accelerate 25's Accessing Central New Zealand programme

Our flood control and land drainage activities will continue to allow productive farming on land that would otherwise be unsuitable for agriculture or horticulture purposes. 

For biosecurity and land management, the focus remains on protecting native ecosystems and farms from pest plants and animals, and supporting farmers to carry out targeted erosion control works through our Sustainable Land Use Initiative.