Anzac Parade Resilience-Building Project

This project is part of a larger process led by Horizons Regional Council to help communities living in the region become more resilient to natural hazards.

The project aims to create a co-designed strategy to reduce flood risk and increase community resilience in Anzac Parade. The feasibility of a range of community-wide and property-specific interventions are being assessed.

Recommendations will be made based on the implications of alternative interventions for flood risk reduction, resilience building, and resident and community well-being.
As a first step, Horizons appointed Massey University to facilitate a community engagement process for Anzac Parade residents and other key stakeholders to inform the Council's viability assessment of resilience-building actions in the area.
Among others, we are working with residents, interested and affected parties in Whanganui, and tangata whenua (Te Runanga o Tupoho, Ngā Tāngata Tiaki o Whanganui, and Te Mata Puo) and Whanganui District Council as well as key government agencies and other parties concerned about flood risk along Anzac Parade.


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Progress on recommendations – summary

Progress on recommendations – full report

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Final strategy and supporting documentation

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Appendix 1. Introduction to the portfolio of consultation documents
Appendix 2. Massey University - Scoping Report - Reducing flood risk in a changing climate
Appendix 3. Massey University - Progress Report - Reducing flood risk in a changing climate
Appendix 4. Massey University - Summary of community and stakeholder interviews
Appendix 5. NIWA - Climate change impact
Appendix 6. ICE GEO & CIVIL - Kowhai Park stopbank upgrading geotechnical assessment
Appendix 7. Tonkin & Taylor - Anzac Parade stopbank upgrade works assumptions register
Appendix 8. The Property Group Memorandum - Anzac Parade current market estimates
Appendix 9. Saunders & Stevensons – Anzac Parade housing – 100 Years above 1m
Appendix 10. HRC - Lower Whanganui River flood protection investigations
Appendix 11. Fitzherbert & Rowe - Legal considerations for resiliency of Anzac Parade
Appendix 12. CDEM Whanganui – Flood evacuation procedures
Appendix 13. Waka Kotahi NZTA - State Highway 4 Anzac Parade

Whanganui community public meeting 5 May 2022

Thanks to those who attended the public meeting on 5 May 2022. If you were unable to attend a recording of the meeting, as seen by those who attended via zoom, can be found here.

Alternatively please click on the link below to view/download the full power point presentation. Links to the three earlier community consultation presentations are also available below, along with resources from Waka Kōtahi NZ Transport Agency and CDEM.

5 May Public Meeting Presentation

20 April 2022 resident meeting presentation

Read a recap of July-August sessions

Project Update Presentation - PDF, 5.9MB


Project Factsheet - PDF, 238KB


Flood evacuation procedures - PDF, 239KB


NZTA statement - PDF, 480KB


Horizons River Information Service - PDF, 1.3MB


Horizons Flood Warning System - PDF, 1.8MB