Environmental Education Resources

We have collated a range of education resources and links that you might find useful in schools and centres to use with your tamariki. This list is not exhaustive of what is available and we will continue to add more resources over time.

Make sure to check back here to see what new resources and links have been added. 

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Animals (Bats, Birds & Lizards)

Make a Bat Roosting Box
Making Paper Bats
Echolocation Game
Common Birds of NZ
Making a Pīwakawaka Nest
Create a Lizard Habitat
Lizard Garden

Climate Change

Futurefit activities
Futurefit certificate
Futurefit quick steps
Futurefit teacher hints and tips


Sandy and Muddy Shore Guide - Northern NZ
Native Dune Critters
Mudflat Mysteries Activity


Fish in a Catchment
Native Fish Factsheet
Tuna Colour Activity Sheet
Eels Brochure
Eels Activity
Tuna Activity
Tuna Fast Facts
Lifecycle of a Tuna
Stream Life Poster
Stream Life Poster - Te Reo
Waiora Stream Study Monitoring Sheets
Waiora Stream Study Monitoring Sheet Te Reo


Which fungi can you spot?


Build a Weta Hotel
Butterfly Breeding Guide
NZ Invertebrate ID Guide
Invertebrate Scavenger Hunt
Invertebrate Tally Sheet

Pest Animals

What made these tracks
Investigating Animal Pests in your Green Space
Making your Own Tracking Tunnel Template
Pest Animal Footprint Match Game
Identifying Chew Card Teeth Impressions
Predator Free 2050 Trapping Guide


Botanical Hunt
Bush Restoration Guide
Flowering time for common riparian plants for bees
Measure eco-system health
Jessica the Seed Saver
Potting Mix Method
Paper 4 Trees Brochure
Plants for Schools - Harakeke


Sustainability Calendar 2024
Make your own worm farm
Worm Farm Poster
Carry it forward - Making paper bags
Upcycling Feedbags
Waste Audit Instructions

Handy Links

These are links to other websites which you are likely to find useful. If you would like to make a suggestion to add to this list, send our educators an email via education@horizons.govt.nz. 

Department of Conservation - Planning and Planting a native garden

Climate Change - Futurefit calculator

ENM - Environment Network Manawatū

Kids Greening Taupō

Landcare Research - education resources
Landcare Research - Flax collections

Manawatū Food Action - seed exchange


Paper 4 Trees

Science Learn